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Corona Virus - what we are doing

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Last updated 12/05/2021

Due to the Coronavirus all our meetings are cancelled until further notice. But we have not been idle!

See below for a growing list of resources that you can freely download and use.  These have been produced in response to people being locked in and needing something to do!

Also see our full alphabetical list of resources here.


All the homes are maintaining high levels of lock down to protect their residents.  We obviously respect this!

At the moment I cannot see a way of meeting together safely in the foreseeable future.  As soon as there is change I will let you all know and update the website!

Please do contact us if you are unclear.


Also watch our amazing Easter video - Jesus is Alive!



Other items done during the Coronavirus lockdown are:


What's happening in the March churches. 

There is a great deal going on in our local churches.  It is changing all the time to meet needs.  Your best bet, therefore, is to contact the church directly.  I have a list of churches in March here. 

Requests for prayer

Centenary Church in March has set up a prayer email address.  It is  prayer@centenarybc.co.uk    Anyone in the Community, those who go to church and those who do not, can contact that email address and ask for prayer.