Resources - Alphabetical list


This is an alphabetical index of the resources that I have on the site.  I trust it is helpful!

This page has some general concepts that you may find useful, and the very limited copyright issues, which are towards the bottom of the page.



Advent - Jesus is coming again. This is a responsive shout with a PowerPoint presentation to go with it.

The story of Adam and Eve - Powerpoint presentation and the notes (PDF)  and a drama idea (PDF)

Ash Wednesday - A "Pass the Parcel" activity that can be adapted for all sorts of occasions.

Ashamed.  Do not be ashamed of Jesus

Ask, seek, knock.  A series on prayer



Belief. Come and see Jesus.  A responsive prayer that has as its response, "We believe in Jesus"

Bible stories  All listed here.

Blessings.  A variety of blessings - responsive, led, etc.



A Candle prayer, reminding us of the Trinity. (See all our prayers here)

Christmas - A Christmas drama. Jesus wants our hearts and love.

Christmas - Angels visit the shepherds - an interactive reading.  The congregation make relevant noises where there are *** in the script! (PDF)

Christmas - Good News at Christmas - a simple carol service outline (Word)

Christmas - Jesus came to earth as a baby.  A simple black and white handout with Makaton symbols.  (PDF)

Christmas - The Angels discuss Jesus' birth - a simple drama telling the story of Mary and Joseph being told by the angels. (Word)

Creation - A prayer of thanks for creationt.  Thank You (PDF) - A responsive prayer thanking God for Creation. There is no presentation for this but it would be very easy to create a slide show to match the words, or use photos or slides, or even some tangible items to hand around that reinforce the words.

God created the world - Powerpoint and the notes (Word)



Easter - An Easter Service outline (1) Notes in PDF,  and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Easter - An Easter Service outline (2) - Notes inPDF, and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Easter - Jesus is Alive! - a fun responsive chant reinforcing the fact that Jesus is alive!

Easter - Jesus is alive version 2! Another fun responsive chant celebrating the fact that Jesus is alive.

Easter - The Heartbeat of Jesus. (PDF) - a powerful drama that requires a bit more ability, but can be adapted for all abilities.

Easter - a simple silhouette Easter Card to make



The Fruit of the Spirit

Forgiveness - The Unforgiving servant

We are forgiven.  A happy responsive prayer saying how great God is to forgive us

Thank you for forgiveness.  A responsive prayer, with actions, recognising that we sin, but thanking God for His forgiveness

Father help me. A responsive prayer asking God to help us do what he wants

The Fruit of the spirit.  This was fun!

We are all forgiven



Good Friday - a way of telling the story of Good Friday using 10 pictures.



The Holy Spirit is a bit like a postman 



In the beginning - An introductory Prayer.  (See all our prayers here)



Jesus is coming again.  Can be used at Advent time.

Lord Jesus be with us - a simple introductory prayer.

Jesus loves me.  A joyful responsive prayer!

Jesus saviour and king.  A responsive shout of praise!



A prayer for love based in 1 Corinthians 13

The Lord's prayer

We are equally loved by God - a game of musical chairs with a twist!



New year - An acted prayer using flags for the start of a New Year

Nothing is too hard for God.  A responsive prayer

Nothing can separate us from the love of God 



Palm Sunday - A service outline. (PDF) and an accompanying presentation in PowerPoint

Poppy day or Remembrance Sunday - An outline for part of the service - Presentation in Powerpoint, and Notes (Word)

Pentecost -  an idea and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and a prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to come

Praising God - can be used at the start of a meeting. (See all our prayers here)

Prayers - All the prayers that we have developed are listed here.  They are also listed individually on this page where appropriate.  There is also one sermon series on prayer here

Psalms.  The psalms that we have used are listed here.



Remembrance Sunday - See Poppy day (Above)

Rope prayer 



Saying sorry.  A responsive prayer in two parts.  Part 1 says sorry and Part 2 takes this on to our behaviour. The Prayers (Word).  The Presentation (Powerpoint)



Thank you Jesus.  A responsive prayer of thanks ending with a simple blessing.  The Prayer (PDF) The Presentation (Powerpoint)

Thank You (PDF) - A responsive prayer thanking God for Creation. There is no presentation for this but it would be very easy to create a slide show to match the words, or use photos or slides, or even some tangible items to demonstrate the words.

The Trinity.  Not an easy subject, but we had a go!

Talk to Jesus first - ask, seek, knock. A series on prayer



The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant



You did that for me! A responsive prayer (PDF) Accompanying Presentation (PowerPoint)