Mr Slob - The Parable of the Sower


Using the parable of the sower in Luke 8 to examine what we think about the Bible and what we do about it!

The parable can be brought to life with:

  • Packet of seeds
  • Tray or flower pot with gravel
  • Tray or flower pot with weeds growing in it
  • Tray or flower pot with good compost in it

Allow people to look and touch the various trays or pots

Ask the question, "What is your heart like? What sort of “soil” is in your heart? Can God’s word grow in your heart?"

Introduce using suitable pictures, or short dramatic sketches or even both!:

  1. Mr Slob - fat and lazy. Too busy listening to his music and eating to hear what God is saying.
  2. Mr Lazy - He knows that God has good things for him, but he is asleep and is not responding
  3. Mr Cross - Knows that God loves him, but will not listen because he wants his way, not God’s way
  4. Mr Saint -
  1. Has big ears so he listens to what God is saying.
  2. Is reading his Bible so he can hear what God is saying
  3. Is ready to do what God says

Then draw out the challenge as you see fit for your group