Resources - Thanking God for forgiveness

This page has some general concepts that you may find useful, and the very limited copyright issues, which are towards the bottom of that page.

Each line, and the accompanying actions, are repeated by the people after the leader has done them.

The actions can be altered to fit your people, and Makaton can be used if that is what you are familiar with! Be creative!

The original prayer uses the word "sin". In our context we felt it better to change the words to "doing wrong things".  Either way, and explanation is valuable so we all know what we are talking about!


When we do wrong things it hurts

(Gently hit self with clenched hands)

When we do wrong things it hurts God

(Point upwards)

When we do wrong things it hurts other people

(Palm upwards sweeping movement in front of body from left to right)

When we do wrong things it hurts me

(Point to self)

But the good news is that if we ask Him,

Jesus will forgive us

(Right hand up, palm upwards)

And Jesus will set us free

(Left hand up as well)

Thank you God for forgiving us if we ask You

(Clap and cheer!)



Adapted from: A Church for all ages, A practical approach to all-age worship, Peter Graystone and Eileen Turner, Scripture Union, 1993. ISBN: 0 86201 859 5