About Fenland Community Church


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We are a part of the Christian Community in March.  A list of other churches in March is here.


Brief History

In about 1994 Fenland Community Church started with the help of Simon Matthews from Plumbline Ministries.

The early years were not very stable, and after about 2 years we were down to our family, our musician and our cat!

Since then, we have steadily grown, with people with a learning disability making up 60% of our attendees on a Sunday morning.  The rest are their carers, families and friends.


Current setup

  • Our fellowship now concentrates on meeting the needs of people with a learning disability. People without a disability are, of course welcome as well!
  • We welcome anyone, however disabled, or apparently 'difficult' they are.
  • We are not experts! We are constantly trying to be better at explaining the good news about Jesus.
  • If you come to our Sunday service you are unlikely to be able to sit at the back and watch!
  • Numbers on a Sunday morning now vary between 9 and 25. 
  • We are heavily dependent on carers, and are indebted to them for their support.
  • Also see our activities page which explains what we do


What we believe

  • Jesus is the Son of God. He died on a cross for you and me, so, if we believe in Him, we can have a personal relationship with him. We can be his friend. And when we die we will go to be with Him forever - heaven.
  • As a result of this friendship we will want to do what Jesus asks us to.
  • This will mean that the demands He makes on our lives will not be seen as religious requirements to earn God's favour, but as requests from our friend. Nevertheless ...
  • Changing the way we live, and get on with other people, is hard work - believe me! Jesus has given us His Holy Spirit who helps us.

We are supported by The Ignite network

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance

We are members of Churches Together in March