Our Resources

FCC at Worship

On the following pages you can browse a range of resources that I have used.  It is very incomplete as we are still getting it all together!

I have also started to document our ideas and thinking, and you may like to see that as well.  The menu item 'Think' will take you there, or go here to the Thinking page!

The next pages are:

  1. Alphabetical list of Resources  This is a full list of resources.  These links below are an attempt to categorise - not very successful I am afraid!
  2. General Concepts - Language, Worship, technology, bibles and books
  3. Seasonal ideas
  4. Psalms
  5. Bible stories


Some general concepts includes:

  1. Some general ideas
  2. Use of Language
  3. Process / using things e.g material, instruments, voice, noise etc.
  4. Worship
  5. Hardware / software
  6. Bibles and Books
  7. External links


All my material is released under the "Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License."  Details of the license are here.

Using the material

The above license basically allows you to use all the material, but you must not take the credit for its creation.  I would also ask you to link back to this website, rather than simply upload it to your site - thanks!

The material

I have gathered the material from a wide range of places.  I have tried to remember where I got it from, not always successfully!  If I am using your material, without recognising the source, please contact me, and I will either remove it, or give appropriate recognition.