Resources - Jesus is Alive-2

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This is a simple Easter responsive chant to declare the fact that Jesus is alive!  Please feel free to adapt as you need to , but see the limited copyright issues as well

When joining in with the chant, we encourage our people to stamp their feet, wave flags, shake instruments, shout etc, so as to be as fully involved as possible in the joy of Easter!

There is another responsive Easter chant here.

The text is below, but if you want it as a Word document it is here.

There is an accompanying PowerPoint presentation here.


1. Practice – Jesus is alive!

2. Leader: What's that you say?

3. People: Jesus is alive!

4. Leader: But I thought Jesus was dead!

5. People: Jesus is alive!

6. Leader: But I thought Jesus was nailed to a cross!

7. People: Jesus is alive!

8. Leader: But I thought Jesus was buried in a tomb

9. People: Jesus is alive!

10. Leader: But I thought Jesus was dead for three whole days!

11. People: Jesus is alive!

12. Leader: So, …. are you saying Jesus is alive?

13. People: Jesus is alive!

14. Leader: That means there is hope for us all!

15. People: Jesus is alive!

16. Leader: Let's all say it together...

17. People: Jesus is alive!