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To welcome the Holy Spirit

You could light a candle and put it where everyone can see it. Also explain a bit about the Holy Spirit, and who He is and what He does. Explain the fire is often used to symbolise (NOT the right word!!) the Holy Spirit, and the candle reminds us of that.

I also used a large picture of a dove (See dove.pdf) that you print out, and stick back together to form the large picture – very effective, and it is worth explaining that a dove is also used as a picture of the Holy Spirit.

(Slide No 1 )Do join in with the response which is

Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 2 )Holy Spirit – you give life. Life to our world and life to us.

(Slide No 3 )All: Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 4 )Holy Spirit you are always truthful and honest and wise. You can also help us to be truthful, honest and wise.

(Slide No 5 )All: Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 6 )Holy Spirit, you were sent by our Father God to look after us, to guide us and to help and comfort us when we feel down.

(Slide No 7 )All: Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 8 )Holy Spirit, through all history you have talked to all sorts of people telling them about God. We really want you to talk to us, to help us to be wise, and full of God's power.

(Slide No 9 )All: Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 10 )Holy Spirit you came to be with the first disciples. Please come and be with all of us who love Jesus.

(Slide No 11 )All: Come Holy Spirit

(Slide No 12 ) (Just a flame)


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