Resources - In the beginning

In the beginning

Each slide starts with a blank white screen, and then has 2 or 3 pictures on click!  The PowerPoint presentation is here.

To prepare:

  1. You will need
  2. A large-ish candle
  3. A large-ish bible
  4. A cross – size to match the rest
  5. A table or flat surface at the front where everyone can see it.

Give each of the props to three people for them to bring to the front. If in a wheelchair make sure there is space!

You can either get the prop brought up before you say the words, or after each section.

Say these words and work through the slides slowly and deliberately. Encourage people to join in with the words in italics. *** means click through!

*** In the beginning before the world was made there was nothing.

*** Then God said, “Let there be light!” And there was light!

*** Thank you Lord for light

*** In the beginning there was silence.

*** The God spoke. He still speaks to us, and uses the Bible to speak to us as well.

*** Thank you Lord that you talk to us

*** When the right time came, God sent Jesus to this earth to show us how much he loves us.

*** Jesus died for us on a cross.

*** Thank you Jesus that you came to be with us. Thank you Jesus that you love us very much.



The second version of this is:

Expand the wording as you see fit in your environment

Place a table at the front. Get a volunteer to bring up each item at the relevant time. Do this in silence, or turn it on its head, and get loud clapping, banging of instruments when they are being brought up, and have the word section quiet!

The response is "Thank You Jesus"


In the beginning when it was very dark

God said, "Let there be light!"

ALL: Thank you Jesus

Light the candle

In the beginning when it was very quiet

God spoke. God created the world and created us

ALL: Thank you Jesus

Place the open Bible on the table

When the right time came

God sent Jesus to live among us

Jesus died and rose again!

ALL: Thank you Jesus

Place the cross on the table


Both of these are heavily adapted from : A wee worship book, The wild Goose worship Group, p32, Evening Liturgy 3