Resources - The first Christmas night

In 2020 we were not able to hold our usual Christmas Carol Service. What were we to do?

It's 2020 - make a video of course!  And here it is.



For our fellowship, the carol service is a yearly event that is enjoyed by many people.

So, we took the Christmas story and divided it up into sections. Homes that were able to be involved, were given a section to turn into a video.

The idea was to produce a video telling the story of the birth of Jesus, using as many people as possible.

Many of the homes in the area were able to produce a film of their section. One day centre also got involved. It seems that everyone had great fun in doing this.

Once we had all the sections, we put it all together to produce this video.

Big thanks to everyone

Our folk have put an enormous amount of energy into their bit of the film, and staff and carers have also worked extremely hard to get their bit of the video set up and filmed.

Thank you very much to everyone who worked so hard in making this video.


Some of the comments have received

"It was a joy to watch, .....  and very moving to see folk participating with joy and conviction."

"Your video was a touching insight into your ministry. "

"A great video to encourage"

"Quite a different but charming telling of the nativity"

"Love it! Well done everyone."

"What an amazing video! So great you've pulled together so much, and it shows the loyalty and gratitude from carers and residents ..."

"Truly wonderful, thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your production.  I love the cheeky grins, it clearly was an enjoyable experience and an achievement to be proud of."

"Wonderful! What a great video."


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