Resources - Psalms

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I list here some psalms that we have adapted.  Feel free to use them as you wish.

This page has some general concepts that you may find useful.

There are also some limited copyright issues, which are towards the bottom of that page here. Please do read them. They are not complex!

I also make some comments about the source of material - again please read, especially if you recognise your material! I mean no offense.

There is also an Alphabetical list of resources here

There is a full alphabetical list of Resources here.


Psalm 8.  Words  Presentation in PowerPoint

Psalm 18. A simple reworking of Psalm 18 with a repetitive "I love God".  There is a Powerpoint Presentation and the words as well in MS doc format.

Psalm 23 - Some ideas for this Psalm including photos and posters.

God the Good Shepherd - See Bible studies in the alphabetical list of resources - The Names of God - God the Shepherd

Psalm 24. The Great King - Bits of Psalm 24 done in a circle

Psalm 116.  Psalm 116. The Powerpoint Presentation is here.

Psalm 121. Who helps and Encourages us? - Very loosley based on Psalm 121 - words and a Presentation in PowerPoint

Psalm 146.  Who shall we praise?  The words are here and the Powerpoint Presentation is here.

Also see our full alphabetical list of resources.