Resources - Psalm 146

This could be sub-titled, "Who shall we praise?"

This page has some general concepts that you may find useful.

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I also make some comments about the source of material - again please read, especially if you recognise your material! I mean no offense.

There is also an Alphabetical list of resources here

There is an accompanying Powerpoint presentation here.

People to shout NO and JESUS whenever the words NO and JESUS appear on the screen.  We also added extra help by asking a helper to raise their hand when "Jesus" came on screen, and to lower their hand when "No" came onto the screen.

Numbers below refer to the slide numbers on the accompanying presentation

(1)  Introductory slide.

(2) Praise the Lord

(3) We will praise the Lord all our lives

(4) Will We praise people?

(5) NO!

(6) Will We praise Money?

(7) NO!

(8) Will We praise the Queen?

(9) NO!

(10) Who will We praise?

(11) JESUS!

(12) Who will We praise?

(13) JESUS!

(14) Who will We praise?

(15) JESUS!!!

(16) We are happy because God has helped us

(17) We will listen to God

(18) We will praise the Lord

(19) Who will We praise?

(20) JESUS!