Resources - The Great King

Fling wide the gates and the King of Glory will come in!

This is sort of based on Psalm 28

Got this idea from a day in Bedford.  I think it was originally written by Julie Careless - thank you very much!

This could be used at the beginning of a time of praise.

It does require either reading skills, or memory skills, or enough organisation and help to do it without!

We stand in a cricle, evenly spaced, with a leader for each of the 12 people, or each of the twelve groups.

Leaders teach the people or groups what the words are, and then we go round in a flow.  If you can do it, you could add instruments, shouting etc.

Reader 1: Fling wide the gates,

Reader 2: Open the ancient doors,

Reader 3: And the Great King wil come in!

Reader 4: Who is the great king?

Reader 5: He is the Lord, strong and mighty,

Reader 6: The Lord, victorious in battle.

Reader 7: Fling wide the gates,

Reader 8: Open the ancient doors,

Reader 9: And the Great King will come in.

Reader 10: Who is the great King?

Reader 11: The triumphant Lord -

Reader 12: He is the great King!