Resources - The Parable of the Party

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Jesus talking to people

This is the story that Jesus told of a man who arranged a party, and the people he invited did not want to come.

A suggestion is that you could use this story to end up having a bit of a real party!

Bible reading

  • Luke 14:16-23
  • Matthew 22:1-14

Before telling the story, have one of those passages read in a suitable version. The New International Reader’s version or the Passion Translation are both good, but use whatever version you are familiar with. will give you access to both of these and many more besides!


  • A large party invitation, with or without details, to be held up to show or projected. (Not provided in the resources - below)
  • Items that are indicative of a party such as:  (or more if you are planning a real party)
    • Plate
    • Cutlery
    • Bag of biscuits
    • Bottle of drink
    • ...and so on
  • Some small cards with “excuses” on them. For e.g. (These ideas can be added to and changed to suit your group.)
    • I need to wash my hair
    • My friend is coming to see me
    • I have bought some land
    • I have bought a cow
    • I want to watch TV
    • I have just got married
    • I want to go to the pub
    • I want to play on my Xbox
    • … and so on
  • We also found a really fun video. The song is “I cannot come to the banquet” Our folk enjoyed watching it, but you might like to fade it out before the verse about 'blessings coming down if you pray.' Up to you!

Note: Although I have used words for the cards, depending on your group you may want to use words and pictures or just pictures. When using the cards, you can pair people up with someone who can read, or cope with the picture, or help them to remember the ‘excuse’.

People for the simple drama

  • Have someone to be the Master who arranges the party
  • Have one or two “servants”
  • Give out the excuse cards to one group of people in the body of the congregation, taking into account the ideas above for folk who cannot read.
  • You also need another group – no need to be an actual group, just some people who can be the next lot of people asked.
  • Then you need a final group of people who are going to be the last lot to be invited.

The story

Talk about parties, and how they can be fun. Get response as to whether people like parties, what sort of parties food / music / dance and so on. What would be your best party to go / best food / best music and so on. Who would you invite? Where would you want it – seaside, at home, etc.

Show or project the invite, and point out that the person arranging the party needs to know if you are coming. Talk about if the person does not know that you are coming there might not be enough food / music and so on. Disaster!

Get the “Master” to ask the ‘servants’ to go and invite people to the party. Send them out into the congregation to invite people to the party. Encourage everyone to say “YES” loudly, but not move yet!

Then get the “Master” to arrange the items on the table for a party. Once the “Master” is ready the servants need to be sent out again to go and tell people that the party is ready. So the servants go and tell the people that the party is ready. One by one each person is to read out their excuse/reason why they cannot come.

Ask the servants to return and tell the Master that no no one is coming. So the Master sends the servants out to find people from the next group to come to the party. There are still not enough people to enjoy the party so the servants are told to go and find people from the past group.

Finally the party is ready, and everyone can have a good time.

Make the point

Jesus invites us to a sort of party. He invites us to be friends with Him. He invites us to be forgiven for all the bad things in our lives, and He invites us to be filled with the Holy Spirit to help us live our lives God’s way.

It is a very simple lesson to be taught. God longs for us to be friends with Him.

You might also like to go through the “Choice”

  1. God loves us  
    Jesus loves you
  2. We have done wrong
    We have done wrong
  3. Jesus died on a cross so we can be friends with God and be forgiven
    We have done wrong
  4. ? What choice are you going to make?
    What choice will you make?

Possible prayer to end with

Dear Jesus, I know I have done wrong things. Thank you for dying on the cross. Because of this, I am forgiven. I want you to be the leader of my life. Help me live my life for you. Amen".