Resources - The Holy Spirit is like a Postman


You will need to have previously prepared an envelope for each participant. Put their name on it. In the envelope put a colourful "letter" with pictures and minimal words that say something along the lines of:

  • "The Holy Spirit gives you power for living"
  • "He helps you love God more and do what makes God happy"
  • "He gives you gifts"
  • "He guides and helps you"

Alternatively if you want to emphaise one particular element, make your letter specific to that. You could also include a small present if relevant.

Start by explaining that the Holy Spirit is part of God. We used a picture of a triangle with the three parts of the Godhead at each corner. Any other explanation would do!

The explain that the Holy Spirit is a bit like a postman - bringing things from God to us.

Ask for a volunteer to deliver all the letters. Once delivered they can be opened, and then the contents can be used as the basis for prayer - thanks or asking.