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The Trinity

The Trinity - not an easy subject, but we had a go!

We set up a board as seen in the picture.

The circles with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit were removable circles, stuck on with blu-tack.

In week one there were no words on the apexes of the triangle.  Each week we asked someone to come and stick the appropriate word onto the board.

Our overall aim was to talk about how the persons of the Trinity helped us.

So in general terms, this is what we taught:

God the Father:  He made the world, and he made us.  In the beginning we were friends with God (Adam and Eve) but we messed things up, so we could no longer be true friends with God.

Jesus:  Came to this earth to die for us, and help us to be friends with God if we asked.

The Holy Spirit:  he walks with us each day, helping us to do what is right.


We used a prayer each day.

The words are:

Numbers refer to the PowerPoint  presentation which is here.

1. God the Father You live forever,

2. Father God you created the world

3. Father God you created us as well

4. Father God you care for us

5. Father God – We worship you and we love you (Said together)

6. God the Son – Jesus Christ

7. Jesus came to this earth as a human being

Jesus, you are always with us

8. Jesus, you died for us on the cross

Jesus, you came back to life again

9. Jesus Christ, Son of God – We worship you and we love you (Said together)

10. God the Holy Spirit

11. You help us to worship God,

Holy Spirit, you fill us with joy

Holy Spirit, you help us live our lives well

12. Holy Spirit, you fill us with God's power

13. Holy Spirit – We worship you and we love you (Said together)


We also did a simple drama in the homes.

We had Adam and Eve at one side of the room, and the three persons of the Trinity at the other.  As we  talked about God the Father, he went to walk with Adam and Eve.  We talked about the tree in the garden, and how Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and God walked away back to the other persons of the Trinity.

The we talked about how Jesus came to this earth, and died for us, and we had Jesus acting as a link between the persons of the Trinity and Adam and Eve - phusically holding hands.

The we talked about the Holy Spirit walking with us each day, and the Holy spirit walked around the room with Adam and Eve.

This can obviously be dressed up a lot, but there is an idea.