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We did three Sundays talking about prayer

Our catch phrase was,

"Talk to Jesus first!"

We used, Ask Seek Knock, one each sunday, to help focus our thoughts, and developed a simple rap to go with that.  Have as much fun as you like with this!

The words are:

When you're thinking of things and you want to pray


When you're looking for answers to find a way


When you're calling for help, don't know what to say




There is a PowerPoint to go with it here.

We also talked about a possible "structure" for some times of prayer:


J - Jesus (Worhsip Jesus first)Jesus Others and Yourself

O - Others (Pray for others next)

Y - Yourself (Pray for yourself last)

We had this displayed on a large board, as you can see, and each line was covered up. We asked someone to uncover each line as we briefly talked about it. We did this each Sunday by way of continuity. If I did it again, I would add relevant pictures and or Makaton signs to these words to help people understand what the words meant!

There are two PDF files for you:

  1. The large J O Y letters
  2. The smaller letters to make up the words


We also talked about how prayer is:

  • Simpy talking to Jesus
  • Saying it out loud
  • Saying it "In our heads"
  • Signing
  • Not worrying if we get in a muddle
  • and Listening


At the end of each service we used this prayer, encouraging people to join in with the "Talk to Jesus first!"

Please Lord may I let Jesus live in me,

And so help me to remember to "Talk to Jesus first!"

Please Lord, fill me with your peace and calm.

But when I feel up-tight and cross, help me to "Talk to Jesus first!"

Please Lord, may every day be filled with good things from You

And help me to say, "Thank you" and "Talk to Jesus first!"

Please Lord fill me with your love

So that I will always remember to "Talk to Jesus first!"