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This page has some general concepts that you may find useful.

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This is a responsive prayer or declaration of Praise.  It picks up some key events in Jesus' life.

The response could be accompanied by shouting, waving flags, banging instruments, or even a quiet hush!

Numbers refer to the slides numbers of the accompanying presentation.

Lines in italics are the response.


1. The response is: Jesus – our Saviour and King

2. Jesus was born in a stable. Jesus was a poor person.

3. Jesus was a friend to people who needed Him. Jesus healed people who were ill.

4. Jesus – our Saviour and King

5. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

6. People were very happy because they thought Jesus was their King.

7. Jesus – our Saviour and King

8. Jesus' friends ran away when Jesus was arrested.

9. The Roman soldiers treated Jesus like a criminal.

10. The soldiers were cruel to Jesus, and people told lies about Jesus

11. Jesus – our Saviour and King

12. Jesus died a horrible death on a cross.

13. Jesus died instead of us. But Jesus came back to life again, and Jesus is still alive today.

14. Jesus – our Saviour and King

15. Jesus is with us now. Jesus will always be with us. Jesus will be King for ever.

16. Jesus – our Saviour and King