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We used the story of the three wise men to talk about three ways in which we can hear God. 

  1. God talks to us through ordinary everyday events.
  2. God talks to us through other people.
  3. God talks to us through special ways like dreams. 

Hearing God

At the beginning of each session we showed the picture above to help focus.  Click on the picture to download the full size. It is also in the zip file below.

We divided the story into three sections:

The wise men saw a star. 

We made the point that for them, looking for stars was a normal part of their life.  It was normal for them to believe that changes in the stars meant something special. So God used their ordinary everyday life to get their attention. 

Here is a PDF of the talk that I gave.  You change the picture when the text is highlighted in yellow.  If you do not use projection, then you could print these out, and get people to hold them up at the appropriate time.

And here is a zip file of the pictures that I used

The wise men met King Herod

We did a bit of a drama to act this out.  King Herod, three wise men asking where Jesus was, being shown to Herod, getting the information they wanted, and going off again.

We made the points:

  1. The wise men were guided by Herod and the Scribes.  Other people can be one of the ways that God can talk to us and guide us.
  2. Even though Herod was a bad king, God could use him.  Be careful of this for obvious reasons!
  3. It is important to find people who love God and read and understand the Bible. 

The wise men had a dream

Without making too much of this, we talked about how God CAN(!) talk to us through dreams, and also through how we feel. I realise this is a difficult area, but we did give it a go. 

We also looked a bit wider to explain why Jesus came at all. We made up a simple story that if you wanted to talk to your Goldfish in a bowl, the best way of doing that would be to become a goldfish! There would be no point in shouting at it from outside the glass!  And that is why Jesus came.  He wanted to talk to us, to be friends with us, and He could only really do that by coming to be with us.