Resources - Using Cloth Material

We used this idea to try to show in a tangeable way just how much Jesus loves us

Using Material to show God's loveYou will need:

  • A long light piece of material!


The photos show how we used such a piece of material to demonstrate Jesus giving us all a big hug. We had been talking about forgiveness, and how God does not blame us - our version of "There is no condemnation" - but He forgives us, and wants to give us a big hug to show that it is all over as far as He is concerned.

We had some music playing in the background and discouraged talking!

At the end one could pray with folk as needed or pray one big prayer for them all.

Some folk may not want to be in such close proximity to each other, and they could be in a large loop that allows them to be a little apart from the main huddle! Just simply be sensitive!

Although the picture shows us tying a knot, that is not necessary.  We have used an even longer piece of material, and simply wrapped it round and round.

We also occasionally wrap it around people as they are sitting, especially if they are not too mobile.