Resources - Paul and Silas in jail


Paul and Silas are set free from prison

This story come from Acts 16:16-40

Someone needs to read this story.  At relevant points, (in bold) everyone joins in making the appropriate noises.  We find our group enjoy this enormously, especially if you can make ther noises as loud as possible!

Words to make noise on:

"Prison" - mime turning keys, and say, "Clunk click"  If anyone has keys get them to jangle them as well.

"shake/shook" - everone shakes and makes appropriate noises for am earthquake

"bad guys" - everyone say "Grrrrr" and look mean and do the thumbs down sign and hiss and boo


OK - now for the story!


Some people are sent to prison because they have done wrong things.  But Paul and Silas loved Jesus.  They had not done wrong.  They were sent to prison for helping someone.

Paul and Silas helped a girl who told the future.  This girl made a man a lot of money.  People paid the man, not the girl when she told the future.  An evil spirit made the girl able to tell the future.  The girl was very unhappy.

Paul prayed for the girl, and God set her free.  The girl was now very happy.  She was free!

But the man who made all the money from the girl, was NOT happy.  The man grabbed Paul and Silas, and put them in prison.

But Paul and Silas trusted God, and began to sing songs in prison.

At about midnight, there was an earthquake, and the ground began to shake, and shake.  The earthquake shook the doors of the prison, and the doors opened wide!  There was nothing to stop the prisoners escaping!

The jailer came to see what had happened.  He was shaking with fear.  The jailer said, "All the bad guys have run away.  I will be in real trouble."

The jailer was about to kill himself, when Paul and Silas shouted out, "Stop!  no one has run away.  We are all here."

The jailer went and saw that all the bad guys were still in the prison.

The jailer was amazed.  He had heard about Paul and Silas, and he had heard that Paul and Silas loved God..  The jailer said to Paul and Silas, "Please tell me about God.  I want to know how to be saved by him."

The jailer took Paul and Silas to his house, and gave them somethign to eat.  Paul and Silas told the jailer, and his whole family all about God.  The whole family believed in God and decided to follow Him.