Resources - A prayer for the New year


This is an an acted prayer for the start of a new year, or for any other relevant time!


  • 5 large flags, or large pieces of material, including one that can be stood on!
  • Volunteer to stand in the middle
  • About 5 other people to deal with the flags as outlined below

What to do

Read the prayer slowly, using the flags as indicated. There is no rush!

Lord Jesus, be inside me to give me strength.

Lord Jesus be over me to protect me.

(Have someone gently wave a flag waved over the person in the middle, and then leave it to drape over their head)

Lord Jesus be underneath me to help me not to slip

(Place a flag underneath the person in the middle)

Lord Jesus be in front of me to show me the way to go

(Hold a flag held in front of the person in the middle)

Lord Jesus be behind me to stop me falling away and not loving You

(Hold a flag behind the person in the middle)

Lord Jesus be all around me to help me when I feel sad and lonely

(Have someone with a flag walk around the person in the middle)

Thank you Jesus that You are going with me every day of this year - 2010.



At the end of the prayer you could draw attention to the fact that the person in

the middle is sourrounded by flags! This shows that Jesus sourrounds us

with His love.


Adapted from, Celtic Daily Light – A Spiritual journey through the year. Compiled by Ray Simpson. Pub 2003 Kevin Mayhew Ltd. ISBN 1 84417 099 3. The reading for January 3rd