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We use a computer and projector, but this is NOT essential!  If you have read this far you will be aware of how important it is to keep language simple and use things to enhance what you are saying.

Paper, pictures, etc are just as valid as modern technology.

If you do want to use modern technology, here are some ideas;


You will need a computer and projector.  Many churches now have this facility, so try to borrow theirs!


You do NOT need to spend hundreds of pounds on software.  The de-facto standard for presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint, but this is expensive.

Instead use LibreOffice which can be downloaded from here.

LibreOffice is totally free and will provide you with:

  • A fully fledged Word Processor (like Word)
  • Presentation (Like PowerPoint) and a
  • Spreadsheet (like Excel).

It is easy to install, but takes a while!  Accept all the default settings, and when it gets to the bit that asks you if you want to open all Microsoft documents in LibreOffice, you will PROBABLY want to say 'no' depending on what is already on your machine.  This can always be changed later.

You can open Microsoft Documents - unless they are VERY complex, and can save in Microsoft format to send to your friends.  We always use LibreOffice and I have never come unstuck.

If the PC you are going to use to connect to the Projector only has PowerPoint on it, and you are not able to install LibreOffice, simply save your LibreOffice presentation as a PowerPoint and away you go!

In order to project a straightforward presentation, you do not need complex presentation software. LibreOffice and Powerpoint will go full screen. But you cannot do the fancy display of choruses, unless you fiddle about a bit.

However, do take a look at OpenLP which is open source projection software, and free to use.  So far I have found it to be excellent, and exactly what I need.  You can set up playlists, link them to mp3's, have them auto play, and so on. 

Do take a bit of time to explore the various settings, as you will be well rewarded by being able to make the software do what you want.  There is extensive help on the site.  At the time of writing (Feb2022) a quick link is here:

A Word about Fonts

The choice of a font can help readability.  I have put together a page of ideas here


This page has some general concepts that you may find useful.

There are also some limited copyright issues, which are towards the bottom of that page here. Please do read them. They are not complex!

I also make some comments about the source of material - again please read, especially if you recognise your material! I mean no offense.

There is also an Alphabetical list of resources here