Resources - Praising God

This prayer is used at the start of a meeting.

The line in italics is the response from the people.

Enclurage them to wave flags, shout, stamp feet, cheer etc. - whatever is appropriate in your group.

Numbers refer to the corresponding slide in the presentation which is here. Powerpoint icon


1. God is here with us this morning

2. God we praise You

3. Let us all worship God

4. God we praise You

5. Let us thank God for all the good things He does for us

6. God we praise You

7. Let us thank God for sending Jesus to die for us, and come back to life again

8. God we praise You

9. Let us learn to love God more this morning

10. God we praise You

11. Let us pray to God this morning, knowing that He always hears us

12. God we praise You

13. Amen


Adapted from Church For All Ages – A practical approach to all-age worship by Peter Graystone and Eileen Turner. Published by Scripture Union 1993. ISBN 0 86201 859 5 page 170