Bible Studies

Bible Studies.  These simple studies have been kindly supplied by Cambridge Causeway, written by Chrissy Cole. (2021)

This page has some general concepts that you may find useful.

There are also some limited copyright issues, which are towards the bottom of that page here. Please do read them. They are not complex!

I also make some comments about the source of material - again please read, especially if you recognise your material! I mean no offense.

There is also an Alphabetical list of resources here


Advent 1

Luke 1: 27-33, 38   docx version   PDF version

Advent 2

Revelation 21:1-4   docx version   PDF version

All things new

1.  All things new: New Beginnings.  Luke 19: 1-6,8  docx version   PDF version

2.  All things new: A new family.  John 1:12  docx version   PDF version

3.  All things new: A new commandment.  John 13:34-35  docx version   PDF version

4.  All things new: New Life.  John 11:25-26  docx version   PDF version

5.  All things new: New hope. Rev 21:1-4  docx version   PDF version

6.  All things new: A new meal.  Luke 22:19-20  docx version   PDF version


Isaiah 9:2, 6   docx version   PDF version

Easter Bible notes.  Including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day.  docx version   PDF version


1.  Eyewitnesses.  What is an eyewitness?  1 Corinthians 15:3-8  docx version   PDF version

2.  Eyewitnesses.  Mary Magdalene.  John 20: 10, 14-18   docx version   PDF version

3.  Eyewitnesses. Ascension.  Acts 1:9-11.  docx version   PDF version

4.  Eyewitnesses. Pentecost.  Acts 1:7-8  docx version   PDF version

5.  Eyewitnesses.  The Road to Emmaus.  Luke 24:30-33, 35  docx version   PDF version

6.  Eyewitnesses.  The story of Thomas.  John 20:24-29  docx version   PDF version

7.  Eyewitnesses.  Jesus forgives Peter.  John 21:15-17  docx version   PDF version

8.  Eyewitnesses.  Paul the last eyewitness.  1 Corinthians 15:3-7   docx version   PDF version

Following / Follow Jesus

1.  Called to follow.  Luke 5 27-32.   docx version   PDF version

2.  Following the way of Jesus.  Luke 9:23-26a   docx version  PDF version


4.  Love your neighbour.  (Parable of the good Samaritan)  Luke 10:29-34  docx version  PDF version

5.  Failure and Forgiveness  Luke 22:54-60   docx version   PDF version

Harvest Time

Thank you for good food. Psalm 65:9-13  docx version   PDF version 

Heroes of the Bible

1.  Noah.  Isaiah 26:4  docx version  PDF version

2.  Joseph.  Genesis 37 and 45  docx version  PDF version

3.  Moses.  Exodus 14  docx version  PDF version


Jesus loves me

1.  Jesus loves me as I am.  Luke 19:1-5   docx version   PDF version

2.  Jesus loves me and forgives me.  Luke 15:20-24  docx version   PDF version

4.  Jesus loves me and gives me friends.  Mark 2:1-5, 11-12  docx version   PDF version

Jesus said "I am ...."

1.  ...The bread of life.  John 6:48-51  docx version   PDF version

2.  ...The Vine.  John 15:5-8   docx version  PDF version

3. ... The gate for the sheep.  John 10:7-10   docx version  PDF version

4. ...The Good Shepherd.    John 10:11-17  docx version  PDF version

5. ... The Way and the Truth and the Life.  John 14:1-6  docx version  PDF version

6. ... The Resurrection.  John 11:17, 20-27  docx version  PDF version 

The Kingdom of God

1.  What is the Kingdom of God?   Luke 4:16-21   docx version   PDF version

2.  Who is in God's Kingdom?  Matthew 13:47-49   docx version  PDF version

3.  God's Kingdom grows.  Matthew 13:31-33  docx version  PDF version

4.  The Kingdom of God is precious.  Matthew 13:44-45  docx version  PDF version 

5.  The Kingdom of God - Everyone is invited.  Luke 14:16-24  docx version  PDF version 

6.  The Kingdom of God - Are you ready?  Matthew 25:1-4, 6, 9-12   docx version   PDF version

The names of God

1.  God the creator.   Genesis 1:1-5, 31   docx version   PDF version

2.  God's personal name.   Exodus 3:1-4, 14-15a   docx version   PDF version

3.  God the Shepherd.   Psalm 23.  docx version   PDF version

4.  God who provides.   Genesis 22:7-8, 13-14.   docx version   PDF version

5.  The Lord Almighty.   1 Samuel 17.   docx version  PDF version

The sermon on the mount

1.  God's upside-down kingdom.  Matthew 5:3-9.    docx version  PDF version

2.  Helping others.  Matthew 5:43-45a.   docx version  PDF version

3.  How to Pray.  Matthew 6:9-13  docx version  PDF version

4.  Treasures in Heaven.   Matthew 6:19-21  docx version  PDF version

5.  Don't worry. Matthew 6:25-27, 33-34  docx version   PDF version

6.  Listen to Jesus.  Matthew 7:24-27  docx version   PDF version

7.  Seek first His Kingdom.   Matthew 6:33   docx version   PDF version

Nehemiah's Story

1.  Restore.  Nehemiah 1:1-4    docx version   PDF version

2.  Renew.  Nehemiah 1:1-4, 8b    docx version   PDF version

3.  Restore.  Nehemiah 2:17-18, 3:1-3   docx version   PDF version

4.  Facing opposition.  Nehemiah 4.   docx version  PDF version


Praying through the week - Thy Kingdom come

Here are some prayers to help you pray every day.   docx version   PDF version