Resources - Jesus wants our hearts


A simple Christmas drama

You will need

  • A christmas tree
  • A nativity scene - either real or in pictures
  • Enough paper hearts about 3 inches across - big enough for people to write their names on. At least one side shoudl be red!
  • Words of carol "In the bleak mid winter" verse which says, "What can I give him ..."


You do not need a christmas tree and a Nativity scene.  Just do whatever you can.  If you do have both, try to arrange them so that one does not block out the other.


To show that who ever and whatever we are, we CAN give something to Jesus - our love.


We did a very simple drama. Parents talking about Christmas while they were putting up the christmas tree - decorating it, putting tinsel on it etc. They keep dragging decorations out of the box, and talking about how this is really what Christmas is all about. Then they find a bit of the nativity scene, and as they find more, their talk turns to what Christmas is REALLY about.

Talk a bit about what we give to each other, and then what we could give to Jesus. Make the obvious point - using humour perhaps - that Jesus does not want things, He wants us.  Make it clear that a disability does not prevent us giving to Jesus.

Sing the verse from "In the Bleak mid winter".

Expand on what it means to give Jesus our hearts - love, worship, obedience, a holy life, being different, putting Jesus first in all we do etc.  Talk about how we can smile, be kind, helpful etc and these things will please Jesus.

Then offer folk the opportunity to show Jesus that they want to give Jesus their hearts / lives.

Give out the paper hearts. Explain that we are going to show Jesus that we want to give him our lives / hearts, and we are going to write our names or put a mark on these hearts, and then place them on the Christmas tree, or in the manger.

End with a suitable prayer.