Resources - use of fonts

I am grateful to for starting me thinking about this. 

Their original page of ideas was here.   Our fellowship uses OpenLP to project things from  a computer, and I have changed the font we use there to Muli.

The suggested fonts were Muli, Century Gothic and Tw Cen MT.  I have recently discovered another one called Comic Neue.

I hope this page will help you locate and install the fonts.  Once installed you MAY need to reboot your machine.  I did not - your mileage may be different.

The fonts can be downloaded here:

Another source of fonts is here

Wherever you download the font from, you end up with a  .zip file. This file will be in your default download folder - almost certainly called "Downloads"! 

How to install the font on Windows 10

Now double click on this .zip file. What happens next depends partly on which PC you have. But you will end up seeing a handful of files with the font names and a .ttf extension.  These are the fonts referred to in the instructions below.  Depending on the details of your PC, you will need to "Extract" them somewhere.  Make a folder on your Desktop, and extract them there.  The instructions in the link below will take you to the next step.  Once installed, you can delete the zip file and the folder with the extracted files if you so wish.

If you are having problems finding the Fonts control panel, try this:

  • Open Windows Explorer - where you can see all your files and folders.
  • In the left-hand pane go down and select "This PC" and click the little"down" arrow next to it if it is not already clicked.
  • Then go down further, and click the "down" arrow next to "Windows".
  • Then go down again and click on the down arrow next to another "windows".
  • Then move down until you find the"Fonts" folder.
  • Click on it, and you will see all the fonts on the right had side of Windows explorer.  NOTE:  This may take a while to fill up, especially if you have lots of fonts.  Mine took about 30seconds, so be patient!  Once it is filled up it will look like the folder displayed in the instructions in the link I gave you above. 
  • This is the folder you will be working with. 
  • You now need to arrange your Fonts folder and the files you downloaded, so you can see both, and follow the instructions in the link above.

If you know what I mean by a "path", you can type the path into Windows Explorer at the top.  The path is: C:\windows\Fonts

Have fun!


How to install the font on earlier versions of Windows

  • Look at this page to find out how to install fonts on earlier versions of Windows - e.g. Windows 7

(PS if you are running an older version, and you are able to,  I recommend updating to Windows 10!!)


How to install the font on Mac

As far as your Mac is concerned, all you really need to do is unzip the downloaded file.  The downloaded .zip file will be in your Downloads folder.  Double click the .zip file, and after a moment or two a new folder will appear in your Downloads folder with the same name as the downloaded .zip file.  The .ttf files are in that folder.  Select all the .ttf files and double click, and away you go!  Once installed, you can delete the zip file and the folder with the extracted files if you so wish.